Welpenpedigree von: Legend & Pamina   7. Nov 2019

Nobility's It's About To Be Legendary DNA-VP
22 Jul 2017
E203303 Black C/W

HOF Ch Ragtime Surefire Entourage! DNA-VP
05 May 2008
E161895 Blue Merle C/W

HOF Ch Hearthside Nothin' To Lose RN DNA-VP
24 Apr 2006
E147023 DN15151307 Black C/W

HOF Ch Rainyday's Desperado DNA-VP
21 Nov 2002
E127617 DN02039702 Black C/W

Ch Hearthside Say Goodnite Gracie DNA-CP
02 Mar 2002
E122328 DL91128901 Blue Merle C/W

A-Ch Ragtime Thornapple My Way ! DNA-VP
21 Feb 2003
E128194 DN03832615 Red Merle C/W

Ch Ragtime's Light It Up DNA-CP
03 Mar 2001
E115137 DL87298204 Red C/W

Thornapple Bedazzled DNA-CP
04 Mar 2000
E109152 DL82804609 Blue Merle

Ch Nobility's She's In Love WithU DNA-VP
02 Aug 2012
Black C/W

Ch Nobility's Leave your Hat On Again  DNA-VP
06 Aug 2010
E170866 Blue Merle C/W

Ch Calais Carolina Cadence DNA-CP 05 Mar 2005
E140662 DN10009803 Black C/W

Nobility's Take A Chance On Me DNA-VP
24 Apr 2008
E158692 Blue Merle C/W

Nobility's Club Libby Lu  DNA-VP
22 Sep 2008
E160797 Black C/W

HOF Ch Moon Rise Special Offer DNA-VP 23 Apr 2006
E146490 Black C/W

Nobility's First Lady of Germany DNA-VP 08 Jan 2006
E145792 Black C/W

Pepperpearls' Felicity Belle DNA-VP
23 Dec 2016
Blue Merle C/W

Ch Moon Rise Latin Lover DNA-CP
10 Oct 2004
E136650 DK01788/2005 Black C/W F=20.71%

Thornapple Anakin Skywalker DNA-CP
17 Oct 2002
E124792 DL91636801
Black C/W RF F=18.56%

Ch Mythical Moon Shadow Rising DNA-CP
11 Apr 1995
E79120 DL59612301 AS-10787G24M Black C/W RF F=22.60%

Ch Thornapple Silken Flame DNA-CP
04 Mar 2000
E109503 DL82804606 AS-17019E25F-PI Red Merle C/W F=16.22%

Ch Moon Rise Everlasting Love DNA-VP
26 Nov 2002
E125539 63887 Black C/W F=22.49%

Ch Firethornes Jarry McGuire DNA-CP
20 Jun 1996
E91555 DL64167001 AS-15480G27M-PI Blue Merle C/W F=15.61%

Ch Sunnyrains Society Column DNA-CP
01 Oct 1999
E108335 DL82005202 Black C/W F=33.20%

Pepperpearls' Imagine! DNA-VP
25 May 2013
Blue Merle C/W

HOF Ch Starswepts Hi Flyin' At Hisaw  DNA-CP 13 Mar 1998
E95162 DL74447104
Black C/W RF AS-14381G24M F=11.50%

HOF Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill DNA-CP
09 Oct 1988
E37175 DL40345702 Black C/W AS-4883G24M F=14.29%

HOF Ch Starswepts Hifalutin of Hisaw 14 Dec 1991
E54417 DL49594905 Red Merle C/W AS-9201G48F F=10.62%

Nobilitys 2ndEd 4 Pepperpearls DNA-CP
20 Jan 2008
E157040 Blue Merle C/W

Ch Shoreland Mark of the Z
28 Oct 2001
E122274 DL89434503 Red Merle C/W AS-18997G26M-PI F=16.28%

Energie's Panda Baer 15 Aug 2005
E146464 Black C/W