Ch. Shorelands Mark of The Z

Ch. Penn Y Caerau's Steal A Glance

Ch. Heatherhill Sweet Talkin’ Dude CD, HS

Ch. Brigadoon’s One Arrogant Dude

Ch. Oprah Winfree of Heatherhill

Ch. Striderite’s Head Over Heels

Ch. Sankano’s Whisper of Hope

Hearthside Rustlin’ Up Ransom

Ch. Shoreland's Once Upon A Time

Ch. Bluestem's Man-O-Firethorne

Briarbrooks Black Arroganc

Ch. Firethornes Finishing Touch

Ch. Thornapple Sweethearts Dance

Ch. Propwash Manape Ghostrider

Ch. Gold Nuggets Vinaigrette, CD

Energie`s Panda Bear

Ch.Kaleidoscope Artfully Done

Ch. Kaleidoscope Leo Davinci

Ch.Briarbrooks Advocator

Ch.Fantasia Mona Lisa

Grassroots Oso Sophisticated

Ch.Briarbrooks Advocator

Ch.Swale Runs The Cats Meow

Ch. Energie´s Take It Easy

Ch. Moonshines Michelob Light

Ch. Troubl Brewnt at Ramblewood

Ch. Bearfoots Direct Images

Rosebud of Crana´s Attractione

Ch.Prizm's Inside Track

Bearfoots Virtual Reality